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Yay! I published my first Skillshare class - Designing a Product Line: Transforming Your Design + Illustrations into Products.

Follow this link to watch the full course: If you aren’t already a Skillshare member, you can use this link to watch and get 2 months to try it out for free.

Class Description:

“Hi, I’m Pauline Stanley, I’m a designer/artist/illustrator and the designer behind my art brand, Pauline Stanley Studio. I’ve been designing and selling my art, jewelry, home goods and gift products for the past 8 years and I’m here to share all the product design, tips, tricks and techniques I’ve learned along the way.

In this class, we’ll be going over how to design a product line and specifically how to turn your ideas, designs and illustrations into physical products. We’ll be talking about why you’d want to create products, types of products you could make and sell, the design ideation process, sketching and creating prototypes, to actually producing the final product.

This class is great for anyone interested in designing their own products or anyone that currently sells their work but is interested in learning more about the process. Some experience with design and illustration is helpful, but this is also a great starting point for simply getting familiar with product design concepts.

For the class project, you’ll be creating one or more product illustrations based on your designs or if you’re ready, you’ll go ahead and make your actual products.

I’d love to see what you’ll create and I hope you’ll join me in class.”

I’ve had a membership with Skillshare from when they first started and have learned so many new creative concepts along the way. I am big on self directed online learning, there are so many resources to learn from nowadays. I always thought it’d be fun to teach a class of my own one day and thought I’d just go for it during #the100dayproject, #100daysofcreativework challenge I was doing. 

It was hard to make it with my usual work load, but the feeling of tackling the beast was worth it once I finished. If you're at interested in product design for a creative online business, I hope you'll check it out and learn something new and worthwhile or be inspired in some way!

Lastly, though I consider this a creative project, it was so left brain focused with all the organization and details required for putting a video together, that I can not wait to move on to something new, freeing and fun! More creative work to come for sure!

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