Rare Bird Co. is a studio + shop featuring natural + minimal art, jewelry, home goods and more. Our focus is on artisan made, handmade goods + natural, sustainable products. Our shop houses our signature collections, Pauline Stanley Studio & Rare Bird Co., alongside a curated selection of goods from other independent designers, artist and makers.

Pauline Stanley, Founder/Designer

Pauline Stanley is a designer, illustrator, and artist living in Richmond, VA. Her work is inspired by natural elements, vintage + midcentury design, geometric shapes + patterns. She has operated her product business since 2011, designing and making minimal + earthy jewelry, art and home goods. 

Follow along on current projects through her instagram @paulinestanleystudio

For design services, wholesale requests and other general inquiries, please fill out the contact form or email pauline@rarebirddesigns.com.

Our Back Story

Pauline Stanley, born and raised in Virginia, now lives with her raucous family of five, including her husband, two sons, and daughter in the Bon Air area of Richmond, VA. She has been hand making jewelry and accessories since 2006. In 2008, she built a business as a vintage clothing and jewelry seller for her online shop, Fashion House Vintage. There she cultivated a love for business ownership and all things vintage, but missed utilizing her creativity to express her own perspective in design.

She then decided to devote her time and effort to developing her creativity and learned graphic design, printmaking, hand dyeing and metal smithing techniques. In 2011, she created her own handmade shop on Etsy, a place that provided her an outlet to sell some of the accessories and jewelry pieces she was making out of her home. There she found and community of people who shared her vision. Today she continues to run her handmade shop out of her studio, while furthering her skills in jewelry, art and design. With over 10,000 orders made in the past years on Etsy, she has also built her own stand alone e-commerce shop at paulinestanleystudio.com.

In her current designs, she finds an incredible amount of inspiration from geometric shapes and patterns, midcentury design, fun quirky trends, and loves translating them into modern + earthy designs for everyday life. Most of all, she is happy growing a business where she can make things and share them with a community of people who appreciate her vision and the importance of shopping artist made products.

Her latest venture is a new brand + shop, Rare Bird Co., housing a collection of her own designs, alongside a curated selection of goods from other independent designers, artists and makers.