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First things first! There’s a new sale section on the web shop for overstock and secondsinventory. See below for details. A great chance to scoop something up for a steal!
Overstock Sale: Item has no flaws - 20% off sale, applied at checkout
Seconds Sale: Print has a small bend in 1 or more corners, 
would be totally unseen in a frame - 30% off sale, applied at checkout
  • Autumn itself is always an inspiration! I love a warm and muted color palette, so just stepping outside each day is total eye candy for me. I can’t help but want to cozy up in a blanket with a warm cup of something and draw all the fall things.
  • Inktober/Peachtober - It’s October the month of drawing challenges on Instagram. I am loosely partaking as I usually do, no pressure, just doing drawing prompts here or there as they speak to me. What I enjoy about these challenges, is that I almost always come out of it having developed new ways of illustrating in a short amount of time. A speed course in technique. You can follow along on my instagram here.
  • My family recently took the train from Richmond, VA to Washington, DC and enjoyed visiting some museums there. I particularly enjoyed strolling through the National Gallery of Art. Van Gogh and Monet in real life were a treat. The colors, the textures! A quick reel including some favorites here.
  • I’ve been reading about Annie Atkins, the graphic designer who works on Wes Anderson films. She is the person who designs all the props with any graphic design elements on them, think newspapers, object packaging, signs, etc. So interesting! Makes me want to watch all those movies again to cue in on those art and design details so I can fully appreciate them.
  • I am currently deliberately prioritizing joy through entertainment. For many years, I have had my time stretched thin through being a mom and running a business based on a hobby, so that is all a really made time for. Now that after 8 years, with both of my kids at school for a full work day, I actually have the space for more things in my life. More art making during work time and then books and shows in my spare time. They have made me so happy, in the simplest of ways. They’ve given me the opportunity to explore other cultures, geography, ideas and more, which always opens up my mind and gets the creative juices going.
    • Currently reading: The Idiot (book), Something in the Water (audiobook) - (I’ve being doing a deep/sort of sad book in physical form to cherish and then a fun thriller type bestseller in audio form.)
    • Currently watching: Gentleman Jack (a fun period piece, so good), Normal People (the book was amazing, show is good too)


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