Product Design Process: Brass Metal Nursery Mobiles

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Product Design Process: Brass Metal Nursery Mobiles

I wanted to share a little glimpse into the design process for some my products. I ran across this old moon mobile product idea that has yet to come to life. All our our designs start as hand drawn or digitally drawn sketches done by me before they come to life.

I absolutely love the initial design process, where you can dream up anything. I love creating mockups and working out the details. It is a really exciting part of the process.

In this case, this would eventually be all brass metal mobile. It’s based off of our monstera leaf mobile, but with cutout moon pieces instead of leaves. We have our designs laser cut from brass sheet metal and then we clean and finish the metal pieces, hand forge the arches and hand assemble the completed piece. See our monstera mobile below.

Monstera Leaf Mobile

Brass Monstera Leaf Mobile

Our mobiles have gotten a lot of love lately. They’re such a unique visual piece of 3D art in your home. I love the movement of hanging mobiles, they are so soothing and hypnotizing in the best way. Great for baby nursery decor! See a video of it in motion on our Instagram here.

I also love using pieces from one type of product for completely different type of product. In this case, the metal moon pieces of the mobile would also double as hair pin pieces, which did actually come to life, see below.

Brass Hair Pins

Half Moon + Crescent Moon Brass Hair Pins found here

It was to be released in our Spring/Summer ’18 collection, along with these simple larger cutout hair pins, but for various reasons, I held off on including it. I still think about this design and perhaps we will still bring it to life one day.

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