Product Packaging Design: Examples + Ideas for Small Business

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Product Packaging Design: Examples + Ideas for Small Business

We are predominately a product based business, so a rebrand also means to new branding and packaging for everything. New logo, website branding, business cards, product tags, thank you cards, packaging/shipping materials, etc.

There’s still more I am working on but I’m trying to do it in phases as needed so I don’t get too overwhelmed. I’ve very happy with how things have turned out so far and thought I’d take you through some of the new packaging elements.

Product packaging examples + ideas for small business:

  1. Logo/Branding: I had to redesign the logo and branding for my jewelry cards and thank you cards. I wanted to keep a similar feel to my old branding so as not to create such a big jump, so I kept the same color and circular shape, but I went for a more simplistic logo and branding. I’m a Futura fan so that was a no brainer, but I love this new cursive font that feel elegant and retro at the same time. I am also a big fan of texture and hand printing so I had to get a little texture grunge/printed effect in there as well.

  2. Jewelry Boxes: I’ve used all kinds of boxes in the past and these boxes I currently use are made in the USA, which is important for me to do when possible. Plus, they are so much better quality than any of the made in China boxes I’ve seen. My hope is that people will either keep them to store their jewelry or reuse them for another purpose.

  3. Rubber Stamp: I use a custom logo stamp for the boxes. I’ve used different techniques for branding my boxes, everything from hot stamping to stickers to rubber stamps, but I just love the simplicity and one of a kind, handmade feel and printed look of rubber stamps, so I’m sticking with this technique for now. 

  4. Branded Cards + Tags: My old cards were bright white, but I always wanted to try a warmer white paper with a more texture for a more natural, earthy feel. I really love this new paper, it’s a small change, but I really appreciate this detail. Also, I am loving cream and black right now. 

  5. Packaging Stickers: I also have a small circle sticker with our logo that we place on the front of our package. It’s just a nice final touch that creates a more branded polished look when the customer first receives the package in their hands. 


Product Packaging Design: Examples + Ideas for Small Business 2

I love geeking out over these details and am always exploring new materials, techniques and options. It’s all part of the design for me and I think it’s an important part of the customer order experience. 

I am also now offering these branding and packaging design services, so if you are someone interested, please feel free to reach out here.

Thanks for reading! -P

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