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evil eye finished illustration

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Ipad Pro
Apple Pencil 
Procreate App

Step 1: Research

All my art and illustrations usually start with a research phase. There are plenty of places to gather inspiration in real life, but for the sake of ease and accessibility we will go with online research. Google photos and pinterest are both great ways to gather inspiration. I will usually save a few images that I like for various reasons and reference different things about them, while intending to add my own style into the mix. We want to be conscious to never use just one image and copy. 

Step 2: Sketch

1 evil eye sketch

My messy little sketch. She ain’t pretty but gets the job done.

Once I have my research completed and have gathered references, I will start my sketch. I like to do small thumbnail sketches in my sketchbook and keep them very loose. Sometimes I do several, but sometimes I just draw one and go with it.

Step 3: Refine your sketch 

2 evil eye refined sketch
3 evil eye refined sketch

A more finished design + a sketch with more details.

Once I have a small sketch I can work with, I will take a photo of it and import it into the Procreate app. 

I will lower the opacity on my sketch and then redraw the sketch until I come up with tighter illustration. Sometimes I am happy with that, but sometimes I redraw it even further and add more details from there.

Step 4: Drawing Process

4 evil eye process

5 evil eye process

6 evil eye process

7 evil eye process

8 evil eye process

9 evil eye process

10 evil eye process

11 evil eye process
12 evil eye process

Step 5: Textures

I like to add textures to my illustrations. Usually on the background color and the actual artwork.

Step 6: Different colorways

I like to try out my final illustration in different colorways. I usually use color I am particularly drawn to, but also colors that I think other people may like. Here I have it in black on cream, black on mustard, and cream on cobalt blue.

13 evil eye wall art black cream

14 evil eye wall art black mustard

15 evil eye wall art cream colbalt blue
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