Eucalyptus Wall Hanging Kit

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Our Eucalyptus Wall Hanging Kit is the perfect minimal yet earthy plant decor for your home. It’s versatile and can be displayed as holiday decor, party decor, or all year long in your home. It comes with beautiful fragrant perserved eucalyptus branches, so it will last a very long time, and is paired with a lovely, simple matte metal tube in brass or copper and rustic jute twine. The item comes as a DIY kit.

Kit includes:
*tutorial instructions
*preserved eucalyptus branches
*brass or copper tube

1. Cut 34" of twine and 7 pieces of 5" of twine. String the longer piece of twine through the metal tube and tie in a knot a the top.

2. Arrange eucalyptus branches with shorter pieces on the outside and longer pieces towards the middle

3. With each 5" piece of twine, tie one end to the metal tube and then tie the other end to a branch.

Hang and enjoy!

Eucalyptus Wall Hanging Kit available here.

xoxo, Rare Bird Co. 

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