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'How to paint our wooden mushrooms diy kit'

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Hello there, fellow nature enthusiasts and mushroom lovers! Ready to sprinkle a little woodland magic into your living space? Well, you're in for a treat because, we're diving into the world of painting wooden mushrooms – a delightful DIY project that's sure to add a touch of cottagecore style and color to your home decor.


Wooden mushrooms
Paint (watercolor or acrylic)
Cup of water

First, you'll need some wooden mushrooms. These little guys are available online, and we have them in our shop here, and they're just waiting to be transformed into miniature works of art. As an alternative option, you could even display the unfinished wood mushrooms unpainted for a more minimalist look, or you could also simply stain them a natural wood color as well.

Next, gather your favorite paints in an array of colors inspired by nature's palette – think rich and earthy browns, rust reds, ochre yellow, or mossy greens. We are using watercolor paint here, but you could absolutely use acrylic paint as well.

For watercolor paints, dip your brush in the water and swipe against the rim of the cup to get rid of excess water. Swirl your wet brush in the dry watercolor to activate the watercolor paint. Apply paint on the wooden mushrooms. One coat will leave a stained rustic look, but once they’ve dried you can add another layer for a more solid look if you would like. For acrylic paints, all you need to do is apply the paint with your paintbrush and let them dry.

Now, you can decide on the patterns and designs that will adorn your wooden mushrooms or you can leave them solid colored and let the pretty colors and natural wood speak for themselves.

Once your mushrooms are adorned with patterns and/or color, allow them to dry completely before displaying them in your home. Arrange them in clusters on a windowsill, scatter them among potted plants, or create a whimsical centerpiece for your dining table – the choice is yours!

With each of these little painted mushrooms, you're not just adding a decorative accent to your home – you're inviting the beauty of the forest into your everyday life. So, let these painted wooden mushrooms be a reminder of the magic and wonder that surrounds us every day.

Happy painting, my friends, and may your home be filled with color, pattern, and a cozy cottagecore aesthetic!

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