New Nature Photography Print: Leaf Fan, Dahlias + Peonies

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New Nature Photography Print: Leaf Fan, Dahlias + Peonies

Pink Leaf Fan Photography Print

I’ve been exploring photography as art these days, not just a tool for my products and business. I’ve been practicing photography for years, but was confined within specific rules since it was used as a marketing tool for my business. Photography as art is a completely different thought process.

I’m having fun and letting my heart play a little and following my intuition. Very excited about this set of three floral + plant prints I just released in the shop.

 Dahlias Photography Print

Peach Dahlias Photography Print

 Peonies Photography Print

Peonies Mason Jar Photography Print

Lastly, here’s a throwback to when I first started selling my work online back in 2011. This photography print below was the first item I offered on Etsy that gained a some traction for my shop and I’m still very fond of this one.

When I first started my shop, I did a little bit of everything from photography, hand sewn items, handprinted/ screenprinted goods, hand dyed goods, and jewelry. I landed on making jewelry for a while, and got stuck there thinking I had to narrow my focus to succeed, but I am excited to be following my heart and working in a variety of mediums once again. I am an artist/designer and overall person who loves to switch things up! I get bored easily and love hopping from project to project to keep the creative spirit thriving. Anyway, all this to say that I’m really excited about exploring photography more and offering fine art photography prints again in my shop. 

Vintage Chairs Photography Print

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